Best Bluetooth Transmitters

6) Mpow Streambot Pro Bluetooth transmitter
Etekcity 2-in-1 Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter Digital Optical Toslink and 3.5mm Wireless Audio Adapter for TV Home Car Stereo System, Bluetooth 4.1, A2DP, aptX LL (Black)
The MPow Streambot Pro Bluetooth headset transmitter is suitable for home or general use. With A2DP technology, transmission can be done with minimal transmission and loss of quality, so that users can hear clear and clear sound with stereo sound.

There is a slightly older version of Bluetooth 3.0, but it works well on older and newer devices. Watch the standard 3.5mm audio jack to connect the transmitter to any non-Bluetooth device, such as a television, desktop PC, laptop, or old iPod, and convert it to a wireless transmission device.
A compact design that measures less than 52 mm from the widest point is small, portable and can fit in small corners. It is also light to 2.1 ounces.

Since machines and objects can interfere with the signal, MPow has a reasonable range of approximately 30 feet measured in a straight line. The built-in battery lasts from 7 to 8 hours and requires only 2 hours to fully charge the battery. The transmitter also supports use during charging, allowing you to connect non-Bluetooth devices and transmit as usual.

Pairing is easy and takes less than 20 seconds. A soft LED indicator lets you know if the item is on or off. However, the transmitter can only be paired with one device at a time. The user must fully charge the transmitter before using it for the first time.

7) Bluetooth Transmitter TTBA-06 from TaoTronics

The TTBA-06 Bluetooth transmitter from TaoTronics, which is the "updated" version of the old TTBA-01, has most of its best-selling models. The biggest difference is that 06 uses the latest version of Bluetooth, 4.0. 01 Bluetooth 2.1. This means that TTBA-06 can send and transmit audio with high CD quality. 06 has a speed and a discrete delay.

The sports transmitter in a clean black design with a brand logo on one front is made of durable and durable plastic material. It is small and compact, easy to paste in the hard corner, and comfortable to wear due to the size of the matchbox.

As usual, connect the transmitter to a 3.5 mm audio jack or USB audio output for output devices such as TV, PC and Kindle Fire. The transmitter then transmits smooth and clean audio to the paired Bluetooth stereo, headphones, headphones and speakers. If it does not prevent your spouse from sleeping to watch television late at night, the transmitter will help you by allowing personal information, especially when connected to a pair of Bluetooth headsets. It has a range of up to 30 feet.

One of the best features of the TTBA-06 is that it lasts up to 10 hours without recharging with a long-lasting battery. You only need 1 hour to fully charge. Even in recharge mode, the transmitter can perform the transmission task, so you can use a device that does not run out of battery. Three small LED indicators serve as indicators to inform the user about the On, Charge or Pairing modes.

8) MNXO BT01-001 Portable wireless Bluetooth stereo audio transmitter

The MNXO's box shape is similar to a mini VCR, with four round holes on one side.

This refers to a standard 3.5mm audio port that transforms a transmitter into a wireless transmission machine by connecting it to a non-Bluetooth device, such as a television, PC, MP3, and CD player.

The transmitter sends a signal to the paired Bluetooth device, such as headphones and headphones, so that the user can enjoy smooth and trouble-free audio. Compatible with any type or brand.

The device is small and should fit on a solid edge just like when you connect it back to a TV. It is light in only 2.1 seconds, so there is no problem that the transmitter pull the connection cable and damage the port.

The pairing device is a little complicated because it automatically detects nearby Bluetooth devices to match them. They have a working range of approximately 30 feet, so if you live in an apartment, you can pick up your neighbors. However, the transmitter attempts to connect to the most recently connected device before searching for a new one. Only one device is paired at a time.

In terms of performance, the audio quality is good, with a minimum transmission loss and ideal for watching TV with headphones. It works with an external battery and supports simultaneous charging while transmitting signals. Best Bluetooth Transmitters